January 17, 2011

Manufacturer: Kenz
Type: 250/4500 OS AHC
Capacity: 250 ton
Year: 1998
Boom length: 36m
This is a 250-ton rated active heave compensated type crane suitable for re-installation on a vessel or offshore platform.
This crane has been progressively rebuilt over the last two years and is in almost new condition. 36-meter boom length, electric over hydraulic power.
Owner’s have been meticulous about full maintenance on the crane and hydraulic systems.
The  ship that it is mounted on is currently working in the Persian Gulf and the current contract should be done in early to mid-March.  (When I initially sent you this presentation they did not have a  contract for the ship so it was readily available).
If you get a serious customer the owners of the vessel will let you go aboard the ship while it is working in the ME  so they could inspect it , and then if they wanted to buy it they could make a deposit on it that would hold it for them until the current contract is over with.
It is in excellent used condition as owners have fully rebuilt this crane over the last two years.


February 14, 2010

1 – Crane, Marine, 49 T – Offshore – National OS-435   QTY: 1 each   Unit / Lot: – UL 04544 –
Manufacturer: National
Info: Pedestal Crane, offshore type OS435, capacity 49 T at tba m, 120 ft boom, In good condition

2 – Crane, pedestal, offshore, 45T, Liebherr – UL 02429 –
Short info: 1 ea  Liebherr Offshore pedestal crane BOS 36/1800D, 45 Ton capacity, boom 52.3 m, recently certified.

3 – Crane, pedestal, offshore, Moldecrane CM7 – UL 03648 –
Planned removal from the platform June 2009.
Short Info: 1 ea National Molde Crane, Model CM7, SWL capacity 36 Ton at 30 m radius with 70 m boom,  Excellent condition.

4 – Crane, Pedestal, Offshore, Stothert & Pitt, 45 T, 52 m boom – UL 04217 –
Short info: 1 each Crane, Pedestal offshore, diesel hydraulic. Stothert & Pitt Model OS200, in Good Condition, 45 T at 25 m, 30 T at 40 m, 17 Tat 53 m, 10 T at 56 m


February 14, 2010

Manufacturer: Liebherr
Type: BOS 36/1800D
Year of manufacture: 1992
ID/Serial No: 01 70 067

The crane is a Liebherr Offshore Crane model BOS 36/1800D, originally with 36 Ton capacity that was upgraded by Liebherr to 45 Ton capacity

Lattice boom length: 52,3 m
Drive: Diesel/hydraulic (Mercedes)

Weights, operational (metric tons):
Crane, body excl. base column: 71,7
Boom: 32,2
Loose gears: 7,4

The crane has been continuously maintained since new and it is in very good condition.
Last refurbishment and certification as per Liebherr 48 months control, made in October 2006. Report available.
Crane was removed from offshore in February 2009 and are now ready for immediate delivery.

Documentation available upon request.

There is also available a specially made adaptor to use the crane with 3400 mm pedestal diameter on a pedestal of 2300 mm diameter (see photo 09846)


February 14, 2010

Hereby the GA of the new 70 tons  offshore  crane:

It actually can lift 70 T

The crane would be available April 2010