We can develop for sale of the following secondhand deck cranes.

1.   15 ton Deck Crane  

2.    32 ton Deck Crane

3.    4.5 ton Knuckle boom type Deck crane

4.    3 ton Knuckle boom type Deck crane

5.    4 ton Knuckle boom tyope Deck crane

3 Responses to 530 – DECK CRANE FOR SALE

  1. Don says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are looking to lease/rent two modular type marine jib cranes to be mounted on the offshore platforms in Malaysia waters. The crane shall be clamped onto I-beam or column of existing platform deck. Arc coverage is “360 degrees”. SWL is 15t & 60t. Height of lift from MSL is 50ft. Boom length n crane column depends on crane design. Include control master. We do not have any specs but requests photos of any existing cranes to be considered.

    Both cranes shall be second hand but be as new as possible and can be modified on site. If your Company is able to provide such cranes, both cranes shall be on daily rate rental basis. Thanks.

    • Raymond Tian says:

      Dear Don,

      We are Singapore base crane maker, I am willing to build this kind of crane and rent to you.

  2. gavin says:

    i have an urgent requirement for a knuckle boom fold away style pedestal or flush mounted marine deck crane minimum 3t at 6mtrs i need for immediate purchase

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