522 – 100 / 200 T MARINE CRANE FOR SALE

Now available one 100 and one 200 tons new knuckle boom crane.

Info: 100 ton Offshore / Subsea Knuckle Jib Crane with AHC system, 10 T @ 33 meter, New

100 ton subsea marine crane  10 T at 33 meter see drawing for more spec.

Main Data:
Hook travel length: 2000 meters
Wire rope included in delivery: 2050 m wire
Wire capacity on winch: 3000m* (requires add. gears/motors)
Max single line lift capacity: SWL 1000kN (100 metric tons) on outer lay (full drum)
Wire type and dimension: OD Ø64mm, galvanized, non rotating type.
Hoisting speed, 0-33 tons: 0-80 m/min stepless var. mid lay
Hoisting speed, 33 –66 tons: 0-40 m/min stepless var. mid lay
Hoisting speed, 66-100 tons: 0-20 m/min stepless var. mid lay
(Hoisting speeds are automatic a function of load, therefore speeds are approx.
Slewing speed, R=15/32m: 0-1/0-0.5 rpm
Power supply: 690V / 60Hz / 3ph
Required power: 3×300 + 1×550 kW (Total ~1.450kW)

Crane deck level lifting capacity is an automatic step less function of the crane
outreach with the following main capacities:
a. Lifting capacity, single line arr. SWL 1000 kN (100 metric tons) at 15mb.
Lifting capacity, single line arr: SWL 250 kN (25 metric tons) at 32m
Dynamic coefficient: 1.3
c. Subsea lift capacity: Reduce above SWL with weight of submerged
rope, ~2000 kg per 100m submerged wire.
d. Ship to ship capacity: Derating curves will be issued
Risk of hooking Ref. DnV “Rules for Certification of lifting
Appliances”, 1994, sect.: 307
Additional factor to Daf 1.3 (sum min. 2.0) on
pedestal / slewing bearing.
Constant tension system: High speed constant-tension function included
Constant tension force setting: 0-50 tons, set from operators cabin
Other winch systems included:
-Emergency pay out function: AOPS & MOPS acc to latest regulations is included
Active Heave compensation system, main winch:
Complete active heave compensation system incl. empty hook compensation system
fully installed and integrated to crane. High speed constant tension function is part of
above system.
Compensation data, single line:
0-50 ton High performance AHC mode (100T – 50% of listed speed):
Heave period: 10 sec
Nominal displacement: +/- 3.2 m
Max compensation speed: 2,0 m/s
Reference system: MRU in crane control system

Validity: Offered subject to prior sale / availability.
Terms of delivery: EXW location.
Time of delivery: To be agreed upon
Terms of payment: To be agreed upon.

4 Responses to 522 – 100 / 200 T MARINE CRANE FOR SALE

  1. Bobby Thompson says:

    Please sent me photos, specs and pricing for both the 100T and 200T knuckleboom cranes. Thank you.

    Bobby Thompson

  2. ayman fawzy says:

    our campany owen jack up barge in egypt we need to paying offshore pedesatal crane 25ton @25m boom length 120′ , if you have crane avlilable please send to me the load chart , general arrangement , waight, and tirm condition .

    thanks &regard

    ayman fawzy

  3. Ejgil B Hansen says:

    Please send info and pics on 150 ton knocklecrane

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